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Its gon be a while….

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19 Infuriating Facts Everyone Needs To Know About The Ferguson Protests »

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sakura proves she is actually the best ninja by remaining unseen and unassuming until she delivers the killing blow

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Wait, what? That’s not what Sasuke was thinking? Prove it I dare you.

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wut exactly r u guys talking bout

It was the very first time I actually read to my boyfriend something from Naruto. He knows I read it and everything else but it’s not something of his type so we always keep the discussions at minimum… But today I decided I had to read this to him because I laughed so fucking hard reading these sentences until I literally chocked… I kinda skimmed through today’s chapter so I didn’t read it properly, in-depth like I always like to do, so I didn’t pay any attention but the minute I decided to and told my boyfriend afterwards, we started laughing like crazy and he was like “What are you exactly reading there?”…I can’t believe I’m 25 and I’m reading a manga about balls and sizes…if you know what I mean… *rofl*
Anyway, that was it, you can keep going on with your life. xD
Thought I tell you a lil’ funny story. :D

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Updating my portfolio takes so damn much time…And I am barely at the beginning…

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Imagine Sakura bringing that up later.

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From one woman to another! - I’M NOT TAKING ANY OF YOUR CRAP!!!

Sakura Haruno - Chapter 689, Color done by me!

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Anonymous asked—
i saw the panel again really carefully and it seems like sakura is in the air or she's probably touching kaguyas hair not her head or any part of her body . which makes me think that naruto and sasuke are going to seal for good . BUT what about zetsu? he's still out there or he's inside mama? if he's out then they're in a big trouble

Well Sakura did got one of her horns go bye bye so things can do bad, in a way, I guess… I personally don’t believe the sealing is gonna have success, there’s still more to tell, imo. I mean, for the buzz that Kishi made about Kaguya she is pretty bland as a character? He still hasn’t shown any motivations behind her actions nor anything of the sorts…
However, yes, Black Zetsu is still there, it’s just that he’s laying on the ground at the moment, haha, being pinned down by one of Naruto’s rods. :)

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