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Sakura does not possess YIN seal. She possesses the BYAKUGOU seal.

Ok, I promised I would make a post regarding Sakura’s newest acquired seal.

Before starting everything, I have to thank members @ H&E forums for helping with translation and other related Japanese ‘problems’, so to speak.

First of all, let us clarify the name of the seal as I have seen that even NarutoWiki took that wrong along with Mangapanda and Mangastream.

Sakura’s seal is in fact Byakugou  and NOT HYAKUGOU!

People keep on trying to compare Tsunade’s and Sakura’s Byakugous but they are unrelated.

Right now, the only connection between both of the Byakugous is the pronunciation.


Tsunade’s is a technique.  STRENGTH OF 100 technique.

Sakura’s seal is  白豪の印 (BYAKUGOU NO IN) WHITE STRENGTH SEAL or you could say Great White Seal.


Tsunade’s seal is 陰封印 (INFUUIN) YIN SEAL.


So, no confusing people, INFUIIN doesn’t equal BYAKUGOU NO IN! Neither is a technique, like Tsunade’s.

So, once again:


The one from Tsunade is:

百豪の術 (Byakugou no Jutsu) which means literally “Streght of a hundred technique”

The one from Sakura is:

白豪の印 (Byakugou no In) which means literally “Strenght of a white seal”

Now, going further, let’s explain via manga panels why one is a technique and one is a seal. Let’s take Tsunade first.

This is Tsunade’s seal.


We know from the manga that Tsunade possess however Yin Seal.


As we can see here, Yin seals has chakra in storage for utilizing techniques such as the above one we all know, Sozo Saisei or more common to us in English by the name of Genesis Rebirth or Creation Rebirth. I prefer personally to call it Creation Rebirth since it’s component and functionality have a certain something to Rikudo’s technique, Creation of all Things [Banbutsu Sozo].

Banbutsu Sozo = Creation of all Things

Sozo Saisei = Creation Rebirth.

I see a connection there, but that’s not to talk about now.

Furthermore, the other technique performed by Tsunade, as we all know, is the controversial Byakugou or Strength of a Hundred.

As we can see, before activating strength of a hundred, Tsunade actually flashed the signs for releasing the power of the seal and by the design we see the seal being released as the technique activates and the lines start to go throughout her body.



By now, Tsunade has released the seal, which we established it’s YIN and activated Byakugou technique. And with these panels we can clearly see the difference between her seal and Sakura’s.

Let’s go back to Sakura here.

As we saw from the chapter, she finally formed the seal.


Later, we have Shizune mentioning the fact that for the past 3 years, Sakura has been constantly storing part of her chakra and that she could finally master the BYAKUGOU seal.


The part that Mangastream translated good is that it’s a seal, however, as established, they got wrong the name.

Friendly reminder:

The one from Tsunade is:

百豪の術 (Byakugou no Jutsu) which means literally “Streght of a hundred technique”

The one from Sakura is:

白豪の印 (Byakugou no In) which means literally “Strenght of a white seal”.

So, once again I am reminding you at the end of the post that Sakura possesses the BYAKUGOU Seal, while Tsunade possesses the YIN Seal.

Interesting addition by one of the members who helped me with the translation:

Of course, if relating back to the Buddhist culture, pronunciation 白亳 BYAKUGOU is related to the Buddha. What’s interesting is Sakura’s is closer kanji-wise to that meaning.

The next post will be about the Seal’s usage, Sakura’s strength compared to Tsunade and so on.

This one was dedicated solely to clear the name issue as well as the confusion between Tsunade’s seal / technique and Sakura’s seal.

Hope you found this useful.

Yours truly,


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