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Personal blog regarding fandoms. Mostly Naruto, NaruSaku, SasuKarin and Sailor Moon. Totally

Anti-SasuSaku, tolerates NaruHina but calls Hinata on the wrongs she's doing. Others also. Not a spoiler free blog! Might be MIA might not be.
Anonymous asked—
the thought of karin and sasuke being together at the end gives me a stomachache but you have a point, damn all sasukarin shippers have a point and that's why i'm seriously worried , but do you actually think there is some romantic shit going on between them? i mean karin is obviously in love, but what about him omg his face when she hugged him :A:

SasuKarin and NaruSaku shippers are actually very alike. Hell, I’m one of those though I don’t write that much about SasuKarin.

I actually made a post about that hug face. Here: http://chatte-georgiana.tumblr.com/post/51666310127/interesting-one-just-another-nod-to-the

*self note: god that’s easier to find in the sasukarin tag than in the narusaku one* love my sk shippers! less, but powerful!*

As for something romantic…Hmm, Sasuke is hard to predict. HOWEVER! It’s not like he’s sexually handicapped. Plus, he didn’t kind of..you know, rejected Karin’s approaches and stuff.
If they get together, I see them being that kind of couples that is not so rainbow-candy type, you know. Something more stern, serious, with less show-off of affection, however, a certain one.
One that only they know and it’s their private shit that don’t need others to stick they’re nose in. Hell, even Karin is not that outspoken in public. She flirts with him in private more than public.

Do you get me? :)

  1. enton said: Yes, also, he was frightened of her angry tone. And she never said she forgave him.
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